The moment I enter the plane, I feel free. It’s like the heavy burden of all the winters of my life is lifted from my shoulders. The gray clouds that darken my head evaporate, the fog that covers my emotions disappears, my dormant blood starts pumping in my veins again. My skin becomes crisp and joyful, my eyes regain their sparkle, my voice gets louder, my hands move in big rounds again while I speak. Motion and life return to me, the civilised neutral mask I wear at work, while going to take the train or doing the grocery shopping, breaks into a million dark pieces and falls on the floor like dust. I’m me again, as I left me back home last summer, I am picking it up from there, as if another year hasn’t passed, as if it was just a gray, brief moment that is gone forever.

Summer people. Sand. Wind. Sea. Blue. The waves and the salt, the dry yellow crisp grass, the smell of pine trees in the sun, music floating in the air. Barefoot again. On the burning sand, on the grass, on the hot concrete, on the wet stones. Sun cream. Ice cubes in café-frapé. Beer bottles with slices of lemon stuck up their necks. Octopus. Burned shoulders shinning on white hard hotel sheets. Flip-flops that will barely survive this summer and will blister your toes. Small boats flying over blue, blue waves. Blue. Again and again and again. The first day I go swimming after a whole long year, I run and jump in the sea, I kiss the water, I drink a bit too. It burns my throat, my eyes tear, I am home, I am home.



Smiles. Singing out of tune in the car. Pulling over to take pictures. Losing the way, asking locals, finding it again. Walking for miles, in the midst of the Greek noon. A small fish tavern that the hotel lady likes going to with her husband. A cat that eats fish and only fish, and despises a slice of pizza some kids offer her. Your hair is blonder, you sleep lighter at nights. I let the windows open, the moonlight goes through the blinds, mosquitos come along too. One night we sleep at a hotel right next to the sea, the sound of waves is magnified in the room, all night through. The sunrise wakes me up, I am here, I am alive, I wake you up to see it too. Yes, pretty. It’s just a sunrise you say, and you turn your head on the other side and I laugh, and we are free and young and careless. For a week.