This is Part III of Erica’s short story (Part I; Part II).

“Pass me the scones darling. Ted, don’t you hear me? The scones!” I gave her the white plate with the reindeer decorations with an awkward smile. “You don’t like them? I can make you something else” she said. I nodded no and started eating. The sooner this festive breakfast would come to an end, the better. Dad was not talking for a while now, avoiding eye contact with a generic soft smile on his lips. I was sure he wished he could be somewhere else too. I wondered where. Sally and Mom where talking gleefully, what will Santa bring this year, did you like the Cookies darling?


Christmas. Our sad plastic tree on the corner, lit with electric lights, the ornaments scratched and outdated. Red candles on the table, stars on the napkins, glitter everywhere. Dressed in our nice clothes that didn’t fit properly anymore. Carrols on the radio. Boredom. Forced joy. Presents. Crowds in the malls. Red and golden and silver. Women with too much makeup. Men drinking too much and laughing too hard. Happy families. Kids with pink cheeks and santa bonnets. Give me a break.


“So what are you gonna do today?” The question almost made me chock. “Just hang out with the guys I guess. We’ll go for bowling”. “Be home before 6, gramma is coming for dinner. And buy a big chocolate cake on your way home, she never likes my deserts”. Sure mom.


Erica was waiting for me dressed in red. She had attached a small branch of mistletoe above her doorstep and covered my face in kisses when I entered, laughing hard at the red lipstick marks on my cheeks. “I even cooked” she said and brought two coconut parfaits she’d bought, drenched in her strawberry jam. She cried out with joy when I gave her her present, tore the packaging in pieces and kissed me once again when she saw the neckless I’d bought her. It wasn’t much but it was all I could afford. She put it on and rashed to the mirror, then run back to kiss me again. My gift was a Doors vinyl, Jim Morrison on the cover. She’d always say I looked like him. We spent the whole day on the red couch, love, popcorn and music. It was the best Christmas of my life, I told her on my way out and her eyes filled with tears.


— to be continued —


Coconut Strawberry Parfaits

A festive easy desert that tastes amazing!

makes 4 parfaits

Assembly: Take 1 cookie and spread some jam on it, preferably the whole strawberries part. Top with another cookie pressing lightly, spread a tiny bit of jam and top it with a big dollop of coconut whipped cream. If you wanna get fancy, pipe the coconut cream like I did – however keep in mind that it’s soft, so it won’t hold much shape. Top with the third cookie and decorate with coconut cream, strawberry syrup and shredded coconut or toasted shieved almonds. I dare you to eat only one!

Coconut Whipped Cream

makes 2 cups

  • 500 ml of coconut milk, full fat (in a carton or can)
  • 2 heapped table spoons of powder sugar

Put the can or carton of coconut milk in the fridge overnight. Take it out of the fridge right before you need to make the whipped cream. The water and the cream will normally be seperated by now, all the cream will be on the can’s top. Scoop it out carefully in a clean bowl. Be careful not to put any coconut water at all in the bowl, we only need the cream. Add the powder sugar in the bowl and mix with an electic mixer at medium speed until the sugar is incorporated and the cream looks fluffy and airy (2-3 minutes). Ready to pipe!

Notes: The coconut whipped cream is softer than normal whipped cream and does not hold its shape. The more it stays out of the fridge, the softer it becomes so keep that in mind when you make your parfaits: be fast and serve them directly. If you want to make them beforehand keep them in the fridge, but know that the cookies will lose their crispiness.

Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, full of love and health! Thank you so much for reading my stories & recipes, I hope they give you joy! 🙂 🙂 🙂